Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So Jesus has a wife and Muhammad needs to buck up-

With the presentation by Harvard Divinity of what they believe is an authentic ancient Coptic tract in which Jesus refers to himself as having a wife Christendom is forced to reattend to a debate that originated around 200 AD which is the question of Christ's celibacy.

Personally, I prefer a married Jesus. If he was sent to experience life as a living man on earth, he would have missed the real flavor of humanity without having experienced marriage. There is so much of good and sorrow that can only be known by a married man.

About 500 years later and 750 miles away Muhammad was having his own problems. Plagued by somewhere between eleven and thirteen wives, he was dealing with the problems of excess. Things went pretty well pre-Hijra, he had a wife fifteen years his senior, wealthy and inclined to support him. They had a happy monogamous relationship until her death twenty-five years later. Then the dam burst. Nobody's exactly sure who he married next, or how many, but suffice it to say there were a bunch of them, one of them only nine years old when the marriage was consummated. Now I know faithful Muslims are okay with that, and some of them feel like they need to kill non-believers who point out how screwed up this looks by modern standards. But they need to calm down and let old Mo fend for himself. If he can handle ten wives in the same kitchen a little humor at his expense 1600 years after the fact is nothing. If the truth offends him he needs to buck up and tough it out, and so do those who follow him.

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